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Updated Site (Again)

Posted November 19, 2022

Well, I think I've worked out the kinks on here. I just finished changing the layout slightly so that it’ll be resized to a more acceptable layout on mobile screens. It did mean cutting out some minor pieces of the layout on the home page and having fewer longer lines instead of more shorter lines. As much as I like the original page with a fixed layout, it was pretty bad on mobile, so I guess it had to go.

Additionally, I also got most all my guides & articles added here as well that are worth keeping long term. Even though a lot of my content posted on YouTube or Hive risks losing relevance after some time, I like having a directory of written content I can keep updated and/or is unlikely to go out of date.

I guess it only took me a little over a month to finish it (and on the 16th I already had the basics done and considered it good enough to replace my previous website). I guess that’s one of the annoyances of making a site from scratch without a CMS, but it’s done, and it’s built from scratch in HTML while also (hopefully) working fine in any browser while loading lightening fast and containing no trackers.

A New Site

Posted October 16, 2022

It has been almost exactly a year since I changed from a Wordpress blog to a site hosted on IPFS. I was working on updating my site and decided to partially switch back to a standard host. I'm still using simple HTML built from scratch, and I'll still mirror my content on IPFS at ipfs.nathankmbowie.com, but I've just had too many times when my site took way to long to load in CloudFlare's IPFS gateway service. I'm now hosting on GitHub pages, NeoCities, and IPFS. I'm also more or less restarting my blog I guess. Not that I couldn't while on IPFS, but I might as well now that I'm in the process of revamping my site.

I'm still posting on YouTube, and posting written content on Hive.Blog (as well as occasional content in the tutorials section of my website). I also worked on a mini documentary with a few fellow Hive creators. World's also still a bit crazy too. I mean I guess it's always been, but lets hope I'm still around in another two years to keep updating this blog.

Bitrot PSA, a YouTube Short

Posted on January 26, 2021

My second video, a YouTube short, explaining the time in which Bitrot can take hold.

Okay, here is the longer version of this YouTube Short. While data loss can occur for a variety of reasons, Bitrot occurs when data on a storage device degrades after a considerable time of no use. Digital electronics use binary code, or ones and zeros, which are then interpreted by the device to recompile data in a usable form. This is very reminiscent of smoke signals, Morse code, and the telegram, where data is compressed for transportation and storage, then decompressed to regain it’s original meaning.

Solid state storage, such as SSDs as well as many thumb drives and SD cards trap electrons to store those ones and zeros. Eventually those electrons escape, damaging the integrity of the data. You should expect this type of storage to last at least a year without data loss due to bitrot in normal conditions, however, a brand new storage medium of good quality that is mostly empty can last considerably longer.

Hard drives and similar media use magnetic switches to store those ones and zeros. Over time some of those switches can flip themselves in an unwanted way, eventually damaging the integrity of the data. You can expect a hard drive to store data around a decade without being powered before Bitrot sets in.

Optical media such as CDs and DVDs have data literally burned into them. Because they are read by the computer optically (similar to how we read paper), they experience bitrot when the surface becomes physically damaged to a point where they cannot be read. Because this is physical decay they are a lot more dependent on the environment around them for their data storage capabilities, though in a good environment they should outlast all other mentioned storage mediums.

Overall, make sure to keep your data backed up. Remember, data loss can also come from faulty storage, environmental damage, and human error. If you rely on physical backups for long term storage (as apposed to cloud storage) be sure check the storage semi regularly to stave off bitrot and be sure that your data is in tact.

I started a YouTube Channel

Posted January 25, 2021

I like writing, and enjoyed writing my book (believe me, if I was in for money I would be long gone, as the only financial benefit from my writing is a capitol loss write off at the end of the year). That said, writing a book is a long process that does not give too much instant gratification and requires a lot of writing on one very specific topic. Yeah, there are books of essays like Shooting an Elephant and other essays by George Orwell, but I don’t have the clout or writing skills to write articles and essays that people will pay for.

That said, writing article sized content and providing them in both written form and narrated form is something that I can do. This way I can write shorter content on a random topic and provide it in an entertaining way. Though the drawbacks include listening to my voice and watching my video editing, I do think that I may be able to produce some interesting content worth watching. My first video, featured below, is my attempt to gauge which ways the crypto market can go.


Free Promo + Leaving KU

Posted September 8, 2020

It’s been about five months since I made an update here, not that I get much traffic on this part of my website – but if you’re reading this then ‘hey. Not that I’m upset about that, I’m coming close to having 100 books (mostly digital) distributed and for a hobby I feel great to see that.

Anyway, on to the update. On Sept. 11-15th I’ll have my second free promotion for an ebook copy of my book. If you’re interested in it then that would be a great chance to check it out. Additionally, my exclusivity agreement with Kindle Unlimited expires Sept. 30th. Beyond that I hope to look into extending the distribution of my book (I think it would be really cool if I could pick up my own book at a Walmart or bookstore – even if it had to be ordered online ahead of time).

Additionally, if you fact check my previous posts I said I’d increase the price from $0.99 to $2.99 in May. The changes is mostly due to royalties: Epic thinks they have it bad at 30% fees, well on Amazon if you charge $0.99 on your book they’ll take a $0.69 cut with the 70% fee becoming a 30% fee at $2.99. When I exit Kindle Unlimited I’ll probably raise the price. I’d tell you to buy it before it changes, but you’d be better off participating in the free promo I just mentioned above.

Finally, over the next week or so I’ll probably make a few minor revisions to the book. Nothing insane, but I’ll probably add another more direct note against leaking confidential information and also note some of China’s new security laws and the response that some universities have taken to implement pseudonymity because of that as reasons why this form of knowledge is good to have. If you already have an ebook from Amazon it should update automatically to the updated version once it is out.

All in all, I’m looking forward so far. Stay healthy, stay safe, and have a good one!

Well, I’m Live

Posted April 4, 2020

How to Leak Documents and Surf the Web Anonymously is officially live on Amazon. I currently have the ebook version at $0.99 (or free with Kindle Unlimited) and the paperback at $7.99. The ebook’s price will remain $0.99 throughout the end of April when it will change to $2.99, and I will remain in the Kindle Unlimited program for at least the next 90 days.

Official Release

Posted March 24, 2020

It’s official – I’m now on Goodreads and Amazon with a release date of April 4th 2020 and an option to pre-order my book “How to Leak Documents and Surf the Web Anonymously” for $0.99 or with a Kindle Unlimited Subscription.

I intend to keep the book @ $0.99 for all of the month of April and on Kindle Unlimited for at least the first 90 days of the release – so if you are interested (especially if you have a KU subscription) then now is a great time to check it out.

I’ve got an awesome editor who is working on some finishing touches, but otherwise everything is just about set here. If you are interested and reading this I’d love for you to subscribe to my blog, follow me on twitter @NathanBowie6, or simply bookmark my Amazon/Goodreads/website for further information.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I’m really excited to be releasing so soon. Wish me luck internet!

Announcing My Book

Posted March 22, 2020

Alright, here this goes…

I am announcing my book “How to Leak Documents and Surf the Web Anonymously” today with an intended release date of Saturday April 4th. If you wanna read about it you can check out my “works by me” page.

While I can’t guarantee that it will be live on the 4th that is my intended release date and do expect to do so by then. It will be in both digital and physical form, and like everything other product in the world (maybe minus toilet paper right now) it will be found on Amazon.com. At the moment I am working on the final touches of it, as well as also getting the word out (putting it on Goodreads, tweets, getting podcast interviews, ect).

Wish me luck internet.

Hello World

Posted March 9, 2020

Okay, so I just installed WordPress. At the moment my site is pretty much a shell, though I’m getting it a bit more decked out here. If you’re reading this and there’s not much else on this site yet then stay tuned, there is (hopefully) plenty more in store.

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